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Carbon fiber has dominated the highest performance bike frames for over a decade now due to its excellent strength to weight ratio (SWR) and relatively low density. The wood species we use have similar SWR to aluminum but far lower density than carbon fiber composites. This avoids the "pop can problem" associated with impractical wall thicknesses in carbon or metals when making large diameter light weight tubes for the front triangle. Our patent pending construction method also separates resistance to twisting from bump stiffness giving a comfortable ride without compromise or extra parts.


Our unique use of multiple wood species combined with the low density of wood enable high strength joints without weight penalty. Stress concentrations at bends and joints are the source of frame failures over time and these stresses are greatly reduced. Carbon also suffers from micro-fatigue where the fibers are bonded into the epoxy matrix of a carbon bike meaning that the frame will soften over time and loose performance. Those familiar with wooden boats know that a well maintained vessel will stay stiff and true indefinitely.


This benefit of a TimberWolf frame is self evident. There is an intrinsic beauty in the natural grains of wood and the beauty of our frames is more than skin deep. Careful attention to detail in design has high stress areas lined with a titanium composite, internal cable routings have copper guides sealed with unidirectional carbon compression tubes giving exceptional shifter cable stiffness and an elegant fine copper oval where the cable enters and exits the frame. The exceptional functionality is an equal part of this artform.

What We Do

Waimanalo Beach

TimberWolf Cycles builds frames that are exceptionally lightweight (1.1 to 1.6 Kg) with equally exceptional stiffness properties. All of this is due to our patent pending construction process and skilled craftsmanship, putting the unique properties of domestic wood species to use.

Attention to detail is what sets apart these works of functional art both aesthetically and mechanically. Proprietary titanium composite linings make bearing seats at the bottom bracket and head tube that will not creak or loosen. The finish is an automotive grade clear coat which seals the wood from the effects of weather while showing off the natural wood grain.

Both David and Peter have professional experience in engineering research and continue a long family tradition of fine woodworking. The carving tools with handles marked by David’s great grandfather in The Netherlands now put the final loving touches on our bikes.

Inspired by a solo long distance cycling trip around Europe in 2013, David had lots of time to think about bikes! The trade off with common materials between resistance to twisting while hill climbing vs the comfort and muscle performance on cobbles became painfully evident. Several years later TWC was born!

David Timan

Owner - lead designer

David began his engineering career with the innovation group at Black and Decker working on outdoor products. He has since worked extensively in green building design and interfaced with environmentally friendly urban planning as well as spent several years along side his father in R&D at Bombardier. Queen's University Engineering grad of 2013

Peter Timan

Helping Hands - Semi Retired Expert

Peter is David's father and spent most of his career designing automated rapid transit systems. Encouraged by David to spend more time on his bike in his retirement he has also been a key engineering adviser and eager set of helping hands. Queen's University Engineering grad of 1979

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